Corona Vírus Update

Much to our regret as a consequence of the uncertain travelling opportunities we postpone this year's Summer School Programme to next year - we are looking forward to hosting you in Budapest in the Summer of 2021.

Pázmány Law Summer School

22 June - 12 July, 2020
Budapest, PPCU

Privacy, Free Speech and the Media

Get on board!

An unbelievable experience

The Summer School of the Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Faculty of Law gives an incredible summer experience in one of the most beloved cities in Europe! Don't miss it and you will get a lifetime experience!

World class professors

High academic standards

Our summer school builds on the experience of the professors coming from all over the world. Students get a mix of cultural and legal environment that is unique.

Don't miss out
Enjoy your stay

Budapest, the capital of Hungary

Enjoy one of the most trendy cities in Europe which delivers excellent value both regarding your cultural curiosity and your academic goals.

Learn it your way!
Friendships for life

Widen your horizon

The summer school will give you an experience for a lifetime and you can befriend your future colleagues and have a common experience on which you can build.

Feel like you are in the middle of the world!
Where And When
Budapest, Hungary

The Summer School

Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Faculty of Law and Political Sciences

Application soon to be opened.