We will assist foreign students to find other fellow students with similar needs to share appartments/rooms.

Saint Ignatius Jesuit College

has a special dormitory in the heart of the city with a limited number of rooms available during the Summer School. 

They offer double rooms to share (for 20-25 students) at a price of HUF 4000/person/day   (around Euro 12-13/person/day depending on the exchange rate  -  only for the Summer School period, not longer).

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Fraser Residence

- a 2 bedroom apartment that accommodates 4 persons and includes breakfast costs approximately EUR 170/day

Ibis Hotel

a room with two separate beds for EUR 60/day:

Students from the previous years marked the following appartments as the most popular ones:

Corvin Plaza Apartments -

GoodMo House -

Bell Appartmants -

Airbnb accommodations may also be a good option in Budapest.

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